A web series focusing on clean tech innovation.

Fresh Tracks is a web series produced by JBM. Each 10 minute episode features organizations from a variety of industries who are finding ways to do things cleaner and more efficiently - from multinationals to startups. We hear from thought leaders, analysts and industry experts - and the visionaries who are leading the charge towards a more sustainable  future. 2 episodes have been completed so far with more to follow in 2020. 

EPISODE 1 - UPS and its Rolling Laboratory

UPS has a vast fleet, transporting packages all over the world. In this episode we hear about their 'Rolling Laboratory' of alternative fuel vehicles, their commitment to continually increase the sustainability of their fleet, and their exciting collaboration with Los Angeles-based Xos Trucks to develop a fully electric, medium duty delivery truck.  Interviewees include Scott Phillippi (UPS), Dakota Semler (Xos Trucks), Mike Roeth (NACFE), Mike O'Connell (PepsiCo), and Tammy Klein (Future Fuel Strategies).  

EPISODE 2 - Electric Airport Shuttle Buses

Airport shuttles are on the road more or less around the clock. They rack up heavy mileage numbers and are required to operate in an already high pollution zone -- the airport. It is a duty cycle that is ideally suited to electrification - with predictable routes and vehicles regularly returning to base where charging can take place. As part of its commitment to expedite vehicle electrification, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is installing charging infrastructure for operators of medium and heavy duty vehicles in San Diego - companies like San Diego Airport Parking (SDAP), who now shuttle passengers to and from the airport terminals in fully electric, EV Star buses, produced by GreenPower Motor Company.  

In this episode we hear from Brittany Applestein Syz (SDG&E), Ziga Ivanic (Energetics), Brendan Reed (San Diego County Regional Airport Authority), Lisa McGhee (SDAP), and Brendan Riley (GreenPower Motor Company). 

More episodes coming soon.

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